Climate protection initiatives white paper: our measures, simply put

17. 04. 2024

We are putting everything in motion to drive forward the change towards sustainability in the transport sector. This is made clear in our whitepaper, which presents our environmental and climate protection goals, activities and successes in black and white.

Shifting transport to environmentally friendly railways is a central lever in the fight against climate change. After all, around ten percent of all emissions come from the transport sector. Compared to street traffic, railways use six times less energy, causes one sixth of the external costs and one eighth of the air pollution.
We are working hard to make railway freight transport more attractive and more sustainable. The milestones on the road to a sustainable future in the mobility sector can be found in our whitepaper.

100 percent Green Traction Power

We are proud of the green energy that powers our freight trains. In Austria, this has come entirely from renewable sources since 2018, mainly from hydropower, wind power and photovoltaics. We can even offer transport services whose upstream emissions are offset by climate protection projects and which therefore have a vanishingly small ecological footprint.

Clean waste management

Our commitment to waste management is also impressive. The railway is particularly suited for types of waste such as excavated material, construction and deconstruction waste, household waste as well as ash and slag. We transport eight million tons of waste every year. This is around eleven percent of all the waste in Austria. And this is just the beginning, as from this year, waste in Austria must be transported on railways from distances of 200 km and from 2026, from 100 km.

Ratings confirm success

We have our progress in terms of sustainability certified by independent authorities. Rating results in the corporate social responsibility and sustainability fields show that we are on the right path: We achieved “Gold” from EcoVadis in 2021, 2022 and 2023, as well as “Very good” from the ESG-Rating by imug in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Has this made you sit up and think? Read our climate protection initiatives whitepaper to find out how we are also driving forward the transport shift on an international level, saving energy with our driving style and making our brakes whisper for the benefit of our neighbours!