Trainees in Bilk

Alles Gute! All the best! Buona fortuna! A legjobbakat! Najlepsze życzenia! Všechno nejlepší! Sretno!

26. 04. 2019

We say goodbye to our RCG trainees and wish them all the best for the future.

Our 9 international trainees from RCC-IT, RCH, RCC-PCT GER, RCC-HR, RCC-CZ and RCL-PL successfully completed their second rotation at the RCG headquarters in the areas of Sales, Service Design, Service Delivery, Network Management and Operational Safety at the end of April.

The RCG Closing-Event

At the closing event @ RCA on 18/04/2019 the trainees presented their project results for "Borderless" for the border stations Gyekenyes-Koprivnica and Tarvisio-Villach. The projects were elaborated in close cooperation with the RCC subsidiaries including the management.

Focus on internationality

The internationality of our trainees is particularly important to us. With the extensive knowledge that they gain during the trainee program, each of them is responsible as an ambassador for passing on and deepening this knowledge within the RCG subsidiaries. 

The finals

From May to August 2019, our trainees complete their third and final rotation in the respective subsidiary of their first rotation. We will further accompany our trainees and are curious to see in which of our core functions within RCG exactly they will contribute their acquired knowledge and skills after the trainee program.

In any case, we will welcome them again to our headquarters in autumn 2019 - at the kick-off event for the next generation of international trainees.