9 reasons why rail freight transport is so important right now

20. 03. 2020

Coronavirus is putting us all to the test, on a personal and on a professional level. The Rail Cargo Group and our staff are under pressure right now too. As the largest logistics company in Austria, it is our responsibility to secure supplies for the public and the economy.

Here are 9 huge advantages of rail freight transport in times like these.

These 9 facts about rail freight transport are what make it possible for us to guarantee freight transport services that are fast, efficient and reliable, even under these challenging circumstances:


No traffic jams at the borders – our scheduled and regular rail connections make it possible to transport and deliver goods on time.


Just one train driver for every 50 trucks – only a few people are needed to transport huge volumes, and this also keeps the risk of infection down.



The Rail Cargo Group’s comprehensive production network – operating with our own traction services in twelve European countries makes efficient end-to-end freight transport possible.


Enough staff in each country – this means we can guarantee fast locomotive and driver changeovers at the border points.


The Rail Cargo Group can increase its capacities at any time – additional intermodal and conventional freight transport services can be booked at any time, according to demand.


We, the Rail Cargo Group, are the only logistics company in Austria which operates the very cumbersome single wagon transport. This unique selling point makes it possible to send individual wagons flexibly.



Efficient transloading from road to rail – we facilitate the smooth transloading of goods at our warehouses in Krems, Lenzig und Vienna Freudenau, and also at our terminals across Austria from Vienna to Wolfurt. This network of warehouses and terminals also applies to our international sites.


Although the amount of CO2 saved by rail freight transport is not at the front of our minds right now, it is true that rail freight transport emits up to 44x less CO2 than the roads. This not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but also increases traffic safety levels.


Our high-performance TransNET – our network with high frequent TransFER connections guarantees top quality national and international freight transport.

A special word of thanks goes to our staff who are still doing their jobs and making sure supplies reach their destinations, and also to our customers – thank you for standing by us in this challenging situation.

Should any disruptions occur, we apologise for the inconvenience. We, the Rail Cargo Group, are doing everything we can to make sure all consignments reach their destinations.

In the midst of this difficult situation, we must all look out for each other and make sure we stay healthy.