AWG moves into the next phase

17. 01. 2024

The amended Waste Management Act, which came into force in 2023, moves into the next phase: Waste transports with a distance over 200 kilometres must be transported sustainably by rail as of 2024. The Rail Cargo Group (RCG) is ready with the latest equipment and the environment benefits. 

The amended Waste Management Act (“AWG”, short for “Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz” in German) came into force on 1 January 2023. According to this law, waste transports with a total weight of more than 10 tonnes had to be transported by rail if the distance exceeded 300 km last year. As of 2024, waste is already transported by rail from a distance of 200 kilometres or more. The next and final step will take place in two years – the distance is then reduced to 100 kilometres. The environment benefits greatly from this legislation and we come one step closer to achieving our climate goals.

Many customers jump on board

In close collaboration with new and existing customers, RCG has already developed a variety of logistics concepts that are successful both operationally and economically. These are not just in Austria, but also beyond. Examples of this include:

RCG employees remain available for further inquiries regarding this year and are already in proactive discussions with new or existing customers.  

Innovative equipment delivered

Along with increased demand for waste transport by rail, there is also increased demand for corresponding equipment. The innovative MOBILER containers are used for transport within the framework set out by the AWG. RCG is investing 75 million Euro on this. This investment means that the current stock will be gradually doubled to 2,500 units in total by 2026. MOBILER’s logistics, consisting of containers, freight wagons (intermodal underframes) and road vehicles, can be used flexibly for transporting a wide variety of goods and are particularly suited for waste disposal and construction material transports. The hydraulic lifting device on the MOBILER semi-trailer makes it possible to transfer the MOBILER containers between the truck and the underframe without a crane or dedicated industrial siding. However, there is more to come: Further innovative equipment solutions are currently in the pipeline and will be tested during the course of this year. Stay tuned!