Logistics expert Melina Salmhofer

23. 10. 2018

As a child she wanted to become a veterinarian. Today she is a fashionable 21-year old logistican from the Weinviertel region. With heart and spirit. Because her job is more than just a job. In fact, the fascination with her profession is her passion. Privately Melina Salmhofer loves books and never leaves home without a book.

When logistics becomes a passion

If you meet Melina Salmhofer on the street you would think that she is a fashion consultant in a fashion shop. Immaculately dressed, matching lipstick and fingernails, it is hard to imagine that the young woman from Lower Austria is a logistics expert. And every day she arranges transports for the automotive industry from A to B and schedules freight trains weighing tons. However as exciting and varied the job may be, it is also challenging. But this is exactly what Melanie loves about her job. After all, complex transport orders and creative solutions are part and parcel of the daily work of the trained forwarding merchant. The feeling to move goods transports all over Europe from her workplace fascinates her.

When the character determines the career path

You cannot fool Melina Salmhofer at her job, she knows logistics inside-out. After her three-year apprenticeship as a forwarding merchant, she finished her supplementary apprenticeship as a forwarding logistician and thus became even more specialised in transport and warehouse logistics. And because she cannot get enough of learning and expert knowledge, she is completing a two-semester course in order to become a logistics specialist. Although she actually wanted to become a veterinarian as a child, it was clear early on that she was the right person for the world of logistics. Logistics has always fascinated her. She has always enjoyed planning, designing and handling things. The ambitious RCG employee has organised transports for the automotive industry for two years, in particular for a French automotive group. She organises everything required for the transport of spoilers, engine covers or radiator hoods in cranable trailers – semi-trailers of a truck without a tractor engine. She takes care of the transportation documents and all services connected with the transport, such as the running supervision or the maintenance of the trailers. In addition, she checks whether the trailers are on their way to the customer as planned. Using the GPS signal available on every semi-trailer, she always sees on her computer screen or mobile phone exactly where which semi-trailer is currently located in Europe. She has to have strong nerves every day. Because sudden events can turn even perfectly planned working days upside down from one second to the next. If, like Melina, you have patience, the eye for essentials, enjoy planning, always think outside the box, are flexible, think globally, like to take responsibility for yourself, do not lose sight of details, the job as a logistician quickly becomes a dream job.

When logistics becomes a passion

Melina Salmhofer is very precise as a person. She likes to have order in her life, be it in her private or professional life. Although she never knows exactly what to expect in the office in the morning and no two days are the same, she never loses track of things. This is good, because in her job you always have to keep an eye on everything. If not everything is exactly where it belongs, she becomes creative. This is when Melina gets to the root of the problem and together with her colleagues looks for a solution. The fact that her job is more than just a job, but rather passion, is clear at first sight if you follow Melina through her daily work for a while. And she does her job really well. As the youngest participant, she successfully represented the Rail Cargo Group at the first professional state championships of the forwarding industry.