Consumer goods on the rails

03. 04. 2020

We are transporting an increasing amount of consumer goods so that we can help secure commercial supplies on a national and an international scale. The past few days have seen more and more salt, toilet paper, coffee, tomato-based goods, as well as organic ethanol, which is used to produce disinfectants, leaving their production sites by rail.

Salt transport services for Salinen Austria

We are now transporting more and more salt, which is both the spice of life and an important ingredient in cleaning products and pharmaceuticals. We have arranged additional rail transport volumes amounting to 50 000 tonnes for Hungary alone. This equates to around 50 to 60 truckloads of essential provisions for Hungary every single week. We have also been able to significantly ramp up our transport services to Italy and Croatia, and this is keeping the international flow of goods up and running.

More Essity Austria toilet paper

The increased demand for toilet paper has been met by potentially record-breaking production by the Austrian manufacturer of hygiene products, Essity Austria. The record output currently stands at 6000 pallets of toiletries, and we are transporting 15% of them by rail in Austria and to Germany, and now to Croatia and Serbia as well. And this is providing you with an additional 280 tonnes of hygiene products.

Julius Meinl shifts to the rails

Coffee produced by the Austrian family business Julius Meinl is currently on its way from Italy to Vienna so that your supplies of caffeine can stay stocked up. We are carrying transport volumes equating to to 14 trucks from Italy on the environmentally friendly rails, and this is helping us all avoid the CO2 emissions that would otherwise be produced on account of the long waiting times that trucks have to go through at the borders.

Organic ethanol for AGRANA disinfectants

We are transporting the basic ingredient in what is probably the most sought-after product right now after toilet paper. On behalf of the food and industrial goods company AGRANA, a company that we normally associate with sugar production, we are bringing organic ethanol to production sites that belong to a number of industrial disinfectant manufacturers, where it is then used to sustain hospitals and private households.

Landena tomatoes for pasta

Here come the tomatoes you need for your pasta 🍝🍅 Although there are border restrictions in place for trucks travelling to and from Italy, we are delivering tomato-based goods by rail and making sure you still get to enjoy Italian cuisine in the comfort of your own home. A total of 48 tonnes are currently making their way to Landena, where they will be turned into various tomato sauces from their product range. Buon appetito!