Health protection is our top priority

20. 04. 2020

Even though some of the restrictions have been lifted, we remain totally committed to protecting the health of our staff and everyone involved in our operations.

What are we doing to protect our staff?

  • Our crisis taskforce is evaluating the situation on a daily basis. A business coordinator assesses all the critical measures and steps to be taken and discusses them with the authorities. This ensures that all company-wide information is in line with the operative agenda points of the crisis taskforce.
  • We are fulfilling all hygiene requirements with the provision of disinfectants. Additional disinfectants are being ordered on an ongoing basis and are distributed to all our staff who are come into contact with customers.


  • Our staff are currently being equipped with face masks (the kind known as “paper masks”). At a later stage, all staff will be equipped with washable fabric masks as a long-term sustainable solution.
  • We and the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group’s experts in occupational medicine are conducting information sessions about precautionary measures at all our business locations that are critical for operations.
  • We are providing our staff with instructions regarding health protection via our digital channels as well as printed notices. (Like the picture on the right saying "Wear a mask")
  • In order to reduce the amount of personal contact at work, our staff are working from home as and where possible.
  • The interplay between shift changeovers and regular leave is being taken into consideration when planning work rotas for operative members of staff such as our train drivers, wagon inspectors, technicians etc.
  • In addition, even more extensive cleaning is being carried out on all work equipment; locomotive vehicles and premises critical for operations are being disinfected even more thoroughly.
  • What is more, we are making sure that our operational procedures are in line with the guidelines issued by the relevant local authorities.

All these measures that we have already put in place reflect our commitment to doing everything we can to stop the spread of coronavirus.