Kalí méra! Greece

20. 07. 2021

Greece acts as a trade bridge between Europe and Asia. In this context, the seaports of Thessaloniki and Piraeus, as the largest seaport in Greece, play a decisive role for the forwarding and rail world in South-East Europe. Because with its direct connection to the international rail network, we realize sustainable logistics solutions - for every type of goods.

Facts & Figures about Greece

The area of Greece consists of approximately 107,000 km² of mainland and 25,000 km² of islands. With a total of 3,054 islands, Greece administers around 82 percent of all islands in the Mediterranean.

About 10.7 million people live in the state, which lives largely through its tourism. Nevertheless, the agricultural industry also plays a major role. Wine, olives and tobacco are particularly popular exports. The third sector of the Greek economy is industry. This branch of the economy has been on the upswing for years and is becoming more and more important.

Us in Greece

We are currently active in a total of 18 countries, in 12 of which we even operate our own traction - this means that we have the license to handle trains ourselves.

Greece is also one of our own traction areas. In 2018, we established a successful joint venture with logistics provider Goldair Cargo, with the aim of taking on the role of leading rail logistics provider in Greece.

Own-traction service for high transport quality

In the own-traction area, we offer own trains and all related services from a single source along the entire logistics and transport chain, thus ensuring continuously high transport quality.

RCG's international production network makes it easier to plan train operations, improves punctuality and shortens transport times.

In addition to rail transports in single wagons, we also handle wagon groups or block trains to and from Greece.

We also provide additional services such as customs clearance, intermediate storage, pre-carriage and on-carriage by truck.

Transports to and from Greece

Approximately ±700.000 tons of goods are transported to and from Greece annually, of which approximately 150.000 tons are fuel and the remaining traffic consists mainly of commodities such as electronic components, coal, timber, sugar, minerals and grain.

In 2019, RCG carried 26.800 TEUs (Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit = unit of measure for container sizes) to and from Greece respectively the Port of Piraeus.

In addition to individual routes, we connect Western European economic centres with the countries of Southern and Southeastern Europe with our TransFER Budapest–Balkans on a daily basis. Rail transports are handled in block trains and travel regularly to Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey.

More information and all contact persons can be found on our website:

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