The Open Wagon: the Powerhouse

12. 04. 2023

Our open wagons, which are suitable for transporting bulk materials that are not sensitive to weather conditions, have no roof but all the more power.

The focus is on scrap, wood and sugar beets – but steel structures, coal, sand, gravel and waste glass are also no problem for our open wagons.
In these wagons, we safely transport goods that cannot be harmed by wind and weather. Their greatest strengths: their high payload of up to 66 tonnes, their wide range of uses and stable design. Measured by the quantity of transported goods, the open wagon is the front-runner in our fleet.

General cargo and bulk goods stowed safely

RCG has models of the standard type “E” and “F” in use. While the open freight wagon “E” is particularly suitable for transporting steel, scrap metal and wood, the wagons of the special type “F” carry all kinds of bulk goods that are not sensitive to weather conditions. E-wagons have at least one side door, are about 15 metres long, depending on the type, and carry a maximum of 66 tonnes, depending on the route class. Depending on the type, F-wagons have a length of around 14 metres and a load capacity of up to 64.5 tonnes. They can even unload themselves with movable side hatches.  

Both E and F-wagons are divided into different types – such as Eanos, Eaos or Falns-x – and differ accordingly in their size, features and performance.

Want to know more about our freight wagons?

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