On the rails with ROLA

31. 03. 2023

The train drivers from the base in Wörgl transport trucks and their drivers through Tyrol, in an environmentally friendly manner.

“We have a full train today,” Markus Tschenet says as he checks his wagon list. Today, he is bringing a consignment of 18 articulated lorries and their drivers from Wörgl to the Brenner pass on the rolling road (ROLA).

Technology and responsibility

Markus’ 1293 Vectron series locomotive is supported by a banking engine in order to manage the climb with the 400 metre long and nearly 1,200 tonne heavy train. Through regular radio contact, the two drivers ensure that they are well coordinated and that everything runs smoothly.

Passionate drivers

Originally a locksmith, Markus completed an apprenticeship as a train driver 22 years ago and has been stationed in Wörgl for two decades. "The views here in Tyrol are really unique and driving with different models on different routes means it never get boring," Markus says enthusiastically. “Taurus fleet trains are my favourites to drive. But I am also a fan of Vectron.”

Safe travel

During the journey between Wörgl and the Brennersee, which takes one and a half hours, the truck drivers can get comfortable in the crew carriage, where food and drink is also on offer. Markus gets a short break at the Brenner Pass while the vehicles are unloaded and new trucks are loaded onto the low-floor wagon for the return journey. This time he is in the driver’s cabin of the banking engine, where, through skilled braking, he is able to feed the majority of the energy back into the ÖBB’s network.


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