Driving Licence for the Future: RCG Apprentices Demonstrate Climate Know-How

07. 12. 2022

At the Energy Driving Licence seminar, the climate logisticians of tomorrow learn how to use energy sustainably at work and in their leisure time.

If there is one thing that is a common theme in our company, it is our commitment to a sustainable climate. Naturally, this applies to our apprenticeship training as well. With the Energy Driving License, we are relying on a tried and tested tool that will make the climate logistics experts of tomorrow fit for the challenges of the future. To date, nearly 100 apprentices have successfully completed the seminar, which has been awarded the Austrian Climate Protection Prize. The 1st class of apprentices in Vienna recently received their graduation certificates on 17 November.

Climate Topics: Home, Office, Leisure

The issues of climate protection and energy efficiency are important for young target groups in particular and also play a major role in everyday life. This is why the trainers at DIE UMWELTBERATUNG [ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING] focus on the areas of home, office and leisure. Our apprentices are given a great many helpful tips that they can implement one-to-one in everyday life. For instance, they learn what to interpret their electricity bill or how much an appliance in standby mode costs per year (more than a little). This essential understanding of energy terms and key figures is also what prepares our climate logisticians perfectly for their future jobs.

Playfully Protecting the Climate

For the first time, a small gift was presented to the three apprentices with the best results. Verena Bukovnig, Haris Ciso and Sarah Wimmler were delighted to receive an updated version of the classic board game DKT (similar to Monopoly) with exclusive Railcore branding. Simply marvellous: Unlike the original, this version, “The Climate-Neutral Talent”, is not about making as much money as possible by building hotels on Austria’s shopping streets, but about working together to plant trees and save our climate. The game is made entirely of biodegradable materials and is very well received by young people.

Future-Proof Climate Logistics in Demand

The fact that efficient energy use is such an important issue among young people is also reflected in the growing interest in apprenticeships at RCG. RCG saw an increase in applicants this year – by over 50%. The need for motivated talent is high as well; apprentices are particularly sought after in the western states of Vorarlberg, Tyrol and Salzburg. RCG offers apprentices the very best future career prospects in a sustainable, crisis-resilient company. Anyone interested can apply online on the website Apprentice Forwarding Agent - Rail Cargo Group at any time.