RCG European Weeks make a successful return

09. 11. 2022

Six apprentices got to live and breathe international rail transport at various locations across Europe this summer. They share their experiences. 

It was finally time: after a two-year hiatus due to the covid pandemic, the RCG European Weeks for apprentices got back up and running in the late summer of 2022. A total of six apprentices had the unique opportunity to gain experience of international rail logistics during internships lasting several weeks at our locations in Cologne, Budapest and Zagreb.  

Our apprentices Jonas and Felix spent a total of five weeks at the Cologne and Moers/Rheinkamp locations in Germany. The intimate insights into the “Last-Mile processes” in Rheinkamp made a particularly strong impression. “We got to ride along on a locomotive and experience operational activities up close which we hadn’t seen in that light before”, said Felix. Jonas also enjoyed the experience: “Our German colleagues showed us how to organise transports, calculate prices and plan paths. We also got to actively participate in the transport price calculation, which I really enjoyed”, added Jonas. The pair used their weekends off to discover Europe – by rail of course – stopping off in Hamburg, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Gent and even London. “It was really cool that we got the chance to discover so many cities during our internship”, said Jonas enthusiastically.

During their foreign internship in Hungary, Elisabeth and Nisa discovered the main location in Budapest with its various departments as well as the workshops in Miskolc. “The week at the terminal in Bilk was my favourite part. Our Hungarian colleagues showed us the various containers and explained the processes at the terminal, and we even got to see the view from up high on the crane”, said Nisa. One positive side effect was that the pair got the chance to improve their English skills every day – whether at work during the day or at meals out in the evenings.

For Jelena and Sarah from Vienna, who completed their internship in Croatia, the most memorable moment was their visit to the impressive port of Rijeka. They got to watch the inbound ships unloading and loading their cargos and were shown the rail tracks leading to the port area. Not only did the pair learn a lot, they also got to pass on their own knowledge in Croatia: as system inductions were taking place at the same time, they were able to support their Croatian colleagues with their expertise. “Our Croatian colleagues took us in with open arms and we felt welcome at all times”, Sarah reflected positively.

The apprentices all returned to Austria safe and sound with an extra helping of self-confidence, some priceless experiences and a broadened network of international colleagues from our group.  

All who took part agree: the European Weeks were a huge success!

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