All-rounders in Focus: Taurus Locomotives

02. 11. 2022

More than twice as fast as a cheetah and many times stronger than a bull: The vehicles of the Taurus fleet are RCG’s most powerful locomotives. Let us introduce you to these sustainable high-tech locomotives. 

Taurus locomotives – three series of which are used by RCG – boast a full 10,000 hp of power and top speeds of up to 230 km/h. With their eight wheels, they pull freight trains weighing 1,600 tonnes, thus enabling the rapid transport of goods in large quantities. What’s more, these high-performance locomotives are extremely versatile and therefore compatible with almost all traction power systems in Europe.

Sustainable Powerhouses

Taurus locomotives are part of RCG’s electric fleet, which uses high-performance technology to minimise power requirements. Thanks to the innovative high-performance regenerative brake, energy can even be recovered, with the drive motors acting like generators. On average, about one fifth of the electricity used during train travel can be fed back into the overhead line during the braking process. 

Always in Good Shape

Whenever these 86-tonne heavyweights require servicing, ÖBB Train Tech employees have a major task on their hands. Yet this regular maintenance is essential to ensure the safety and appeal of freight transport. Maintenance and servicing work is mandated for our Taurus locomotives every 20,000 kilometres, which is practically every four weeks. But the really big undertaking happens every 1.2 million kilometres, or every six to seven years on average. At this time, vehicle components such as wheel sets, traction motors, compressors, current collectors or drive units are then removed, maintained, replaced or repaired. Particularly when the bogies – the running gears of the locomotives – have to be replaced, experience and a sure instinct are essential: Our experts utilise a 100-tonne crane to lift the locomotive body safely and with millimetre precision.