Geniously Multimodal

10. 07. 2024

Compact overview of our end-to-end logistics solutions.

Rail is the way to the sustainable future of freight transport. For the first and last mile, however, we are bringing in reinforcements: multimodal transport, the combination of different modes of transport, is our speciality. What characterises our offer? How do we optimise our services with digital tools? And which successful projects are leading the way? We would like to give you a brief insight below. If you want to know more, we recommend our new white paper Multimodal Logistics (MML).

Transport solutions from door to door

With our multimodal transports, we as a rail logistics provider transport goods for our customers from door to door using two or more modes of transport – usually by lorry on the pre- and on-carriage – directly from the pick-up point to the unloading point. The main leg of the journey is by rail, we are also responsible for transhipment, and this process is becoming increasingly efficient thanks to innovative and versatile equipment. For the customer, this means that they receive the entire transport from a single source.

A head start on the road to the digital future

Our multimodal logistics solutions are not only marketed via traditional direct sales, but also via digital platforms. To be present where our customers are, we rely on innovative tools. One example of this is Transporeon, a digital marketplace for the tendering and processing of transport. With a large Europe-wide transport network that includes customers such as IKEA and Nestlé, we are the first rail logistics provider to be represented on the Transporeon platform. This cooperation enables end customers to efficiently book and handle multimodal transport, supporting the shift from road to rail. – And with just a few mouse clicks. The new service also includes real-time shipment tracking, regardless of whether the freight is currently travelling by rail or road. In addition, the CO2 emissions of each transport are determined using certified calculation methods and will be displayed transparently for the customer in the Transporeon system in future.

Customised equipment for all goods

Everything that is normally transported by road can also be transported by rail without any loss of loading space because we use specially customised equipment. We offer flexible loading options for different modes of transport. For example, for an Italian company for which we transport municipal waste from Italy to the Netherlands for thermal utilisation. In addition to the practical Roll-Off Container (ACTS), the MOBILER is also used here – a container that can be quickly and easily transferred horizontally between lorry and rail wagon using a hydraulic lifting device. Brau Union and SPAR also rely on our logistics expertise for their beverage transports. Special Curtainsider Swap-Bodies (WAB) with side sliding roofs, are used for these transports: they can be handled without a crane and also away from sidings and can be flexibly loaded and unloaded from above, behind and to the side, making them true all-rounders. With our equipment, we are therefore prepared for all transport tasks.

Whitepaper Multimodal Logistics hot off the press

Fancy delving even deeper into the world of multimodal freight transport? Then take a look at our new white paper Multimodal Logistics: here we explain the benefits of multimodal logistics in more detail, familiarise you with our equipment and highlight flagship projects in this area.