FCC Austria Abfall Service AG: when waste travels by train

26. 06. 2024

Work efficiently and conserve resources: This principle determines the business activities and logistics strategy of FCC Austria Abfall Service AG, one of Austria's leading waste management companies. Rail plays a key role in this, as Key Account Manager Dipl.-Ing. Georg Kraxner explains in an interview.

The facts at a glance: FCC Austria Abfall Service AG was founded in 1988, is represented at 17 locations throughout Austria, and serves more than 12,000 customers. The company is at the forefront of the FCC Environment CEE Group, which operates in seven European countries.

What services does FCC Austria provide?

We are committed to modern waste management and provide environmentally friendly recycling and treatment of various types of waste. We also operate waste collection centres and waste management facilities, so we have the entire value chain under one roof.

Why did you choose to transport your waste by rail?

Dipl.-Ing. Georg Kraxner, Key Account Manager FCC

As an officially recognised waste collector, processor and recycler, we guarantee legally compliant and environmentally conscious services. Transporting waste by rail is therefore fully in line with our sustainability strategy. We have rail sidings at a total of seven locations. In 2023, we were already able to transport more than 140,000 tonnes of waste by rail. In addition to the positive environmental effects, we also benefit from the ease of planning: the relatively long transport time means that the time at which the goods arrive at their destination can be easily controlled. This is particularly helpful in times of high capacity utilisation.

From collection to arrival at destination: where do you use RCG's services?

The entire service is provided by RCG: the empty containers are collected from the wagon by special trucks and taken to the waste collection point. Here the containers are filled using a wheel loader and then returned to the wagon by the truck. After the rail journey, another truck unloads the containers and places them back on the wagon empty.

Why is the partnership with RCG so valuable to FCC Austria?  

We value RCG as a long-term partner - our cooperation is based on mutual trust, professionalism, and helpfulness. The waste collection is always reliable and punctual, and so far all jobs have been completed smoothly and on time. RCG is a true professional in the field of rail logistics providers.

Will you continue to work with RCG to transport your goods in the future?  

Absolutely. We have deliberately entered into long-term contracts with RCG because we want to continue to rely on rail logistics in the future. As long as the market gives us the opportunity, we would like to conclude further contracts.

Would you recommend rail transport to other companies in your sector?  

We can definitely recommend RCG as a partner. Rail is the most sensible solution for longer distances and for many types of waste.