My contribution to a green RCG: avoiding plastic waste

13. 11. 2020

Protecting the climate means a lot to our staff in their professional and their private lives. In this series, we introduce you to members of staff like Alexander who are passionate about protecting the climate.

Alexander Wernle is doing an apprenticeship to become a freight forwarding specialist at the Rail Cargo Group. He’s one of the 105 apprentices at the Rail Cargo Group who are working hard with our 9,340 logistics experts to provide our customers with smooth rail transport services.

“Sustainability means a lot to me because living sustainably is how we can help preserve Planet Earth, nature and the environment for us and for our children,” Alexander explains. He makes it clear that it’s everyone’s responsibility.

Avoiding plastic wherever possible

To get from A to B in an eco-friendly way, Alexander avoids travelling by car as much as he can. He uses public transport to get to work whenever possible, but he also enjoys travelling by train in his free time.

For the environment’s sake, Alexander tries to use as little plastic as he can. So he doesn’t buy plastic bottles and he buys loose fruit and vegetables as much as possible in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste he consumes. He takes care to separate waste both at work and at home and motivates those around him to do the same.