Our contribution to a green RCG: green electricity, tree sponsorships and bee protection

18. 08. 2021

As a company, we are committed to sustainability at all levels.

What has already been implemented in Austria since 2018 now also applies to Germany: since the beginning of the year, all TransFER connections of the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group in Germany are operated entirely with green electricity.

Ultimately, it is also our employees who support all measures and make change possible. With their ideas and their initiative, change is set in motion.

Assistant to the Managing Director of Rail Cargo Logistics - Germany, Natascha Fröhlich, is proud of the environmentally friendly achievements, because our initiatives for a green future are diverse.

Natascha Fröhlich

Green electricity in Austria and Germany

What has already been implemented in Austria since 2018 also applies to Germany from the beginning of 2021. All TransFER connections operated by ÖBB Rail Cargo Group in Austria and Germany will be powered exclusively by green electricity.

The green electricity for rail operations in Germany is CO2-neutral, generated by partner power plants from hydropower and drawn from the public grid.

In Austria, ÖBB Infrastruktur already operates eight of its own hydroelectric power plants and one solar power plant, which together generate more than a third of the traction current required. The electricity is distributed via traction current lines and converted into catenary voltage in substations. The green electricity then reaches the trains running on the ÖBB network in Austria through the catenary.

In the years to come, Germany will be followed by other countries where we will operate our trains with green traction current.

Tree sponsorships for CO2 compensation

In addition to initiatives to make rail freight transport even more environmentally friendly, we are also committed to many other projects that contribute to a green future.

Recently, in April, we sponsored more than 880 trees as part of a reforestation project in Germany.

On average, one tree absorbs around 1 tonne of CO2 during its lifetime, so with 880 trees that is quite a lot and a valuable contribution to achieving our climate goals! In order to relieve our climate even more, everyone can plant a tree with their donation here.

The CO2 emissions of the company vehicles are offset by the Rail Cargo Group in Germany through mangrove sponsorships in the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar. On 1,800 hectares of land the special trees are planted continuously, thus creating and protecting habitat.

Feeding stations for bees and bumblebees

Each and everyone of us can contribute to sustainability, the small steps count as well. This is why we are also committed to protecting bees.

Since June, the balconies of our subsidiary in Germany have been buzzing with activity at the bee feeding stations: Countless wild bees and bumblebees swarm the ten feeding stations. The colourful flowers in the bee boxes not only please the environment and the bees, but also our employees.

Natascha Fröhlich with the flower boxes set up on World Bee Day.