Career and apprenticeship at ÖBB Rail Cargo Group

31. 08. 2021

Motivated and committed employees are vital to the Rail Cargo Group. Their commitment is the key to the  success of the company. Much is being done for this. We are not only one of the largest training companies, we are also setting standards in health promotion, equal opportunities, training and further education as well as the support of talents and managers.

A large part of this is also our apprenticeship training to become a logistics agent.

Start of the new year of apprenticeship

In September, the time has come again and the new training year starts. For the 21st year in a row, we are training logistics agents.

During this time, more than 600 apprentices have completed their apprenticeship and over 80 % of them have since continued their career with us. In 2020, already 46 % of our logistics apprentices were female.

Our training network has also received numerous awards over the years, such as the “Top Apprenticing Company” quality seal and various international awards for the programme RCG Europe Weeks.

Around 30 apprenticeships per year

Every year, we offer around 30 apprentices an attractive apprenticeship as a logistics agent.

Our apprentices assume responsibility towards both people and the environment not only in their everyday life, but above all on the job. As the largest climate protection company, it is particularly important for us to encourage the youngest generation of logistics apprentices from the very beginning and to teach them a sustainable approach to the topic energy efficiency.

The versatile professional world of our logistics agents

The professional world of our logistics agents is diverse. Because just like people, goods also travel. When goods have to travel from one place to another, the logistic agents are the ones who organise everything that is necessary for the transport: they choose the route, the packaging and the means of transport, calculate the price, take care of the transport documents and handle the customs matters. Always with the aim of providing our customers with the best possible service.

Pilot project “Energy Driver's Licence” now a fixed component of the apprenticeship

Initially launched as a pilot programme, the Energy Driver's Licence is now an integral part of the apprenticeship in the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group. After all, ecological awareness and sustainable actions are skills that are passed on to our youth from day one at ÖBB Rail Cargo Group. More than 50 apprentices have already successfully completed the Energy Driving Licence, which was awarded with the Austrian Climate Protection Prize, and received their certificate of completion.

The seminar programme includes practice-oriented knowledge in the areas @home, @work, @leisure:

  • Energy, energy parameters and energy billing
  • Everyday ways to save energy
  • Ecological effects of energy consumption
  • Climate protection and renewable energy sources
  • Energy-saving mobility

Saving energy in everyday life and at work

The organisers of the workshops focus on practical basic knowledge with concrete solutions for everyday life. For example, the apprentices learn how to read their electricity bill, how much a standby operation costs over the year and where they can simply save energy and costs without a personal “feeling of loss”.

In the professional context, the focus is naturally also on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly rail mobility, because as experts in rail logistics they want to be able to authentically convince their customers of our climate-friendly logistics concepts after their training.

With the Energy Driver's Licence, we want to inspire our young colleagues for an environmentally friendly everyday life and convince them to use eco-friendly transport by rail already during their apprenticeship. Because we know: only those who themselves are convinced can also convince others.

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One month ago, the new apprenticeship year started and our apprentices have already fully arrived in freight transport.