My contribution to a green RCG: bringing my own coffee cup

12. 01. 2021

Staff at the Rail Cargo Group make a big contribution to protecting the climate. They provide smooth transport services for our customers on the environmentally friendly railways. However, our staff’s sustainable habits to protect the environment clearly show that protecting the environment means a lot to our staff.

This series regularly puts the spotlight on members of our staff who are dedicated to helping protect the climate and who inspire others to do the same.

Nina Rahimian

“Sustainability is important to me because more justice and treating the Earth with respect creates peace and is also the best way to achieve happiness and a brighter future,” says Nina Rahimian.

She is a waste management officer at Personenverkehr and is responsible for operational environmental management.

Her work at Rail Cargo Logistics - Environmental Services (RCL-ES) includes delivering training courses and presentations about dangerous materials, dangerous goods and environmental / waste management. She places a special focus on treating the environment with respect, so at RCL-ES, Nina also inspects whether ÖBB waste handovers meet regulations.

Thinking about the future generations is another reason why sustainability means a lot to her because: “I have a wonderful child and I appreciate life and mankind in general”.

It doesn’t take much at work – she takes her own coffee mug with her when she goes to get a coffee at the cafeteria – this saves resources. She also saves paper towels inside and outside work and encourages her colleagues to do the same, for example. She cooks and eats vegan food most of the time and she always has a re-usable shopping bag on hand for when her work colleagues need one.