Green showcase location: our Logistics Center in Győrszemere

14. 06. 2023

From the orchard meadow to the E-fleet, with a variety of measures, the RCG warehouse site in Győrszemere shows that sustainability pays off both ecologically and economically.

At the RCG Logistics Center in Győrszemere (Hungary), it is not only the employees who are doing well, but also the environment. In the company buildings, as well as in other areas, Gabor Mester, head of the logistics centre, takes measures to save resources and protect flora and fauna. The comprehensive commitment to sustainability makes Győrszemere an exemplary company site.

Green oasis on the company's premises

For example, 20 fruit trees have been growing on the company’s premises since last year. The resulting orchard meadows are a popular recreational area for employees, ensure full fruit baskets in the offices and promote biodiversity in the region. Between 2,000 and 5,000 animal species – including beetles, bees and spiders – find a protected habitat here.

Enlightening measures for energy efficiency

Győrszemere is also impressive in terms of energy efficiency. For example, in July 2022, conventional lighting fixtures at the site were replaced with LED fixtures. This reduced electricity consumption by 20% in the first six months of operation and saved costs. Furthermore, the renovation of the skylights has provided more daylight in the storage rooms, which further reduces energy consumption. In addition, the employees have been made more aware of the need to use energy carefully.

Covering electricity needs ourselves

Just recently, a photovoltaic system was installed on a meadow at the site, which covers about 50% of the energy demand for electricity. During the day, more energy is generated than is needed. The remaining 25,000 kWh of electricity will be used to operate electric vehicles in the future - the purchase is currently being planned. Surplus electricity can also be fed back into the grid at a profit. "In less than 3 years, the investment costs will have been amortised by the savings in energy costs", says Gabor Mester, head of the logistics centre.