The Special Wagon: the Technical Expert

07. 06. 2023

Some goods place special demands on transport due to their size, weight or shape, which only our special wagons can meet. 

Special wagons are vehicles optimized for a specific purpose. They are used when extraordinary transports are pending. If we want to transport an ACTS container, for example, we can always rely on the Slps-x. These can be quickly lifted off trucks with suitable loading equipment thanks to the rotating frame. The freight wagon is equipped with three rotating frames for containers with a load capacity of 16.5 tonnes. The 4-axle flat wagon has a bogie that facilitates the unloading process. The wagons are equipped with additional center locking and an emergency brake valve and three changeover valves to keep them traveling safely despite the heavy load. 

Steel is its profession

Our Shimmns-class freight wagons are primarily designed for transporting steel sheet rollers – so-called coils: a weather-sensitive and heavy material used, for example, in the automotive industry for the production of car body parts. Our Shimmns feature a sliding tarpaulin or steel top and five cargo wells. One wagon can then carry up to 10 coils or around 68 tonnes.

Want to know more about our freight wagons?

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