Piraeus Port: a great past, a great future

02. 02. 2022

With a throughput of 5.65 million TEU in 2019, Piraeus is Europe’s fourth-biggest port in terms of container traffic. The port is particularly strategically important for China, so substantial investments are being made to expand it.

By number of passengers, Piraeus’s port dwarfs all others in the Mediterranean: every year, almost 18 million people visit the port, where they can catch direct ferries to islands in the Aegean. Piraeus’s convenient geographical location has made it an important goods transshipment point since ancient times – and its significance is growing.

A bridge between Europe and Asia

Greece is a valuable bridge for trade between Europe and Asia, in which the ports of Thessaloniki and Piraeus play a pivotal role. Piraeus is RCG’s fourth-most-important port: in 2020 the throughput at the port was 44,000 TEU. We offer round-trip container routes to and from Piraeus, carrying goods destined for China and arriving from the Far East too. As well as railway transport in single wagonloads, we also handle groups of wagons and block trains.

Rapid growth with tailwinds from China

Piraeus is the historic port of Athens and lies about ten kilometres away from the Greek capital. The port also marks the southernmost terminus of the country’s major transport routes. It has had its own dedicated rail link since March 2013. It currently has three container terminals, with a fourth in the pipeline. The port of Piraeus has been growing significantly faster overall than its continental counterparts for years, mainly because of the substantial investments from China. Since 2016 the port has been majority-owned by a Chinese company and is being expanded dramatically.

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