We wish you happy holidays!

30. 12. 2021

An exciting and successful year is coming to an end. 

We wish all employees, customers, partners and all our blog readers happy and relaxing holidays!

The freight king

 From far afield, from Kledering I’ve come today,

Where the trains were at a halt, to my dismay!

Everywhere you look, the tracks are glistening,

There I could see our wagons sitting;


Our CEOs are all ears; they’re on the lookout,

They want to know what all the fuss is about,

And as over our TransNET I did roam,

Came a voice that called to me out of the gloam:


"Our TransFERs", it declared,

"they’re a real hit; let’s get the goods moving, and make it quick!"

Eco-friendly transport: the future of rail freight.

Our customers think it’s really great,


With our top quality service, they can sit back and relax,

Their goods are on the move, on the railway tracks;

And when they’re delivered safe and sound,

Our staff are happy too; there’s joy all round.


"My dear CEOs, I must get to the station,

The shipments are approaching their destination;

Into the city I will now go

And see to the transport, don’t you know.” –


"The innovations – you’ve got them here?"

"I do," said I, “Have no fear;

For our customers we’ve got MIKE, TransANT and quiet brakes;

The Rail Cargo Group has got what it takes." –

"And the goods – you’ve also got them here?"

"I do," said I, “Have no fear;

Petrol, wood, cement and steel,

Our locomotives pull them all with zeal."


Our CEOs said: "Yes, that is true,

We’re a top-notch team, thanks to every one of you!"

From far afield, from Kledering I’ve come today;

Where the trains are now moving; they’re on their way!


Please tell us more, what great things do we have in store?

Rail Cargo stops at nothing, we’re gonna keep on rocking!