Pfeifer Group's wood is traveling environmentally friendly on rails

28. 08. 2018

From the tree trunk to the diverse materials to bio-fuel. It is impossible to imagine life without wood. Before this sustainable material can be processed in a wide variety of forms, it usually has to travel – more and more often in an environmentally friendly way by rail .

As the largest timber transporter by rail in Central Europe, Rail Cargo Group carries around 200,000 wagons loaded with wood annually. The ÖBB Group’s logistics expert transports around 7 million cubic metres of round timber.

Reliable, flexible and fast

Pfeifer Group, headquartered in Tyrol, is an important partner in this segment. The company operates eight sites in three countries and employs around 2,000 people. They export their products to more than 90 countries. In transport logistics, the Pfeifer Group is increasingly relying on rail services. The Rail Cargo Group now supplies around 40 % of the round wood required at the Kundl plant – and the trend is rising. “With the Rail Cargo Group we have a reliable partner who handles our needs in rail transport logistics in a flexible and fast manner. There is no doubt that we are continuing to work on expanding transport routes by rail,” explains Herbert Stöckl, Chief Logistics Officer of the Pfeifer Group.

380,000 cubic metres of round timber per year by rail to Kundl

With the advantages of a one-stop shop, the Rail Cargo Group meets the high demands of the wood industry. For the Pfeifer Group, some 380,000 solid cubic metres of round timber, mainly pine, are delivered by rail to the Kundl plant alone every year in an environmentally friendly way. “For our partner, the Pfeifer Group, we deliver between 30 and 40 wagons of logs to Kundl every day. This will reduce road traffic by around 27,000 truck trips (including empty trips) per year,” says Martin Mairhofer, Key Account Manager of the Rail Cargo Group. In addition, the Pfeifer Group is also increasingly focusing on environmentally friendly transport by rail on the outgoing side.

For our partner, Pfeifer Group, we deliver between 30 and 40 wagons with round timber to Kundl every day.

Martin Mairhofer, Key Account Manager of Rail Cargo Group