Romania: Danube Delta, Black Sea and Carpathians

31. 08. 2018

Did you know that RCG is represented in Romania by two of its own companies and that the country on the Balkan Peninsula is within RCG’s own traction territory? Join us as we take a look at RCG’s activities in this Southeastern European country.

In Romania, rail freight transport has developed strongly in recent years as a result of investments such as a new international link to Bulgaria via the Danube as part of Pan-European Corridor IV or the restoration of the line between the seaport of Constanta and Bucharest. Curtici is a hub for hinterland transports to and from Central and Eastern Europe and an important gateway to Western Europe. RCG is very active in Romania. With two local companies of our own, we ensure close and smooth customer contact. We connect Romania with the markets in Western, Central and Eastern Europe as well as the CIS countries through a close-knit production network – and we do this ourselves, because Romania is within RCG’s own production area.

Own traction since 2008

We started our activities in Romania in 2008; since 2014, we have been represented under the umbrella of “Rail Cargo Carrier” with our own railway undertaking (RU), Rail Cargo Carrier – Romania, based in Bucharest. The fact that we can produce our own trains gives us a considerable competitive advantage. Thanks to our large in-house production network and interoperable locomotive fleet, we do not need to change locomotives at the border and can therefore score with short transport times and efficient use of resources. We take over transports within Romania as well as international transports. The majority of trains run across borders. Block trains from Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary and other European countries are operated weekly from, to and through Romania.

Wood, coal and steel

With Rail Cargo Logistics – Romania, we are also directly represented locally. We currently handle coal transports from Poland to Romania and steel transports from Romania to Poland. We also carry wood from and to Vintu de Jos via Curtici, scrap iron within Romania and containers between Curtici and Ruse. From Austria, Rail Cargo Logistics – Austria provides reliable transport and logistics services to the Romanian economic area with block trains. The coal, steel, wood and paper industries as well as the retail sector rely on us.

Tank containers between Budapest and Ploiesti

RCG is also active in the intermodal sector in Romania. Rail Cargo Operator operates container shuttle services between Budapest Bilk and the Ploiesti terminal in one or two direct round trips a week. The customers are from the chemical industry, mostly tank containers, but increasingly sea freight containers, are transported. In addition, there are two weekly connections between Budapest BILK and Rail Port Arad in Curtici.

Romania is an important market for RCG, not least because of the link between Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.