InnoWaggon: the Customization Pro

31. 05. 2023

When you need a customized, efficient wagon, the InnoWaggon is the solution for your train.

The InnoWaggon is the high-tech model in our vehicle fleet: It makes it possible for us to carry out individual logistics projects for our customers and at the same time work even more economically. It is the basis of a new type of waggon, configuration and transshipment concept that optimizes European rail freight transport. 

Versatile use

Why is the InnoWaggon so flexible? Depending on the industry and cargo, bulk weight and planned unloading station, different configurations are placed on the underframe. For example, the RockTainer is used for ore and gravel transports, the double wagon for standard bulk transports. As far as the type of cargo is concerned, there are hardly any limits to what we can do with the InnoWaggon. 

More cargo, more security

The InnoWaggon also plays to its strengths when unloading: The special unloading technology of the configuration, which allows the loading area to rotate, makes a safe and rapid unloading possible. The waggon’s lightweight construction allows up to 20 % more goods to be transported. 

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