Dynamic and diverse – an apprenticeship at the RCG

26. 01. 2022

As a multi award winning training company, the Rail Cargo Group (RCG) offers an apprenticeship which moves with the time in the freight transport sector, an industry of the future. Young and up-and-coming logistic agents get to know all the facets of their profession, both at home and abroad.

The RCG has already been training logistics agents for over 20 years, preparing them to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s green logistics. In our last article, we introduced you to the professional field and the focus areas of the apprenticeship. Today, we will take a more in-depth look at the multifaceted everyday life of our apprentices.

Breathe the air of international logistics on the move

Variety is an important principle at RCG, not only when it comes to what is taught but also regarding the place of work. That is to say, our apprenticeships are international. For example, at the European Weeks (which last took place in January 2020 due to the pandemic), they get a taste for international logistics during four weeks of training. At the different branches, the apprentices get to know the different departments and operations, visit various plants and actively get involved with the work which is being carried out.


Everything is on the move: Job rotation

The apprenticeships are also highly dynamic on site at our branches. According to the job rotation principle, the apprentices get to know all the sectors of the business. This helps them to understand the entire logistical process. For example, they work in the operations department of carriage ordering and at the terminals, whilst also gaining an insight into sales, the accounting department’s tasks and the legal department, that for example, process complaints. All these experiences help them gain an overview of the big picture, while networking actively with colleagues in a wide range of positions.

Training and development: Always up-to-date

In addition to professional training, the RCG pays particular attention to promoting talents and strengths. Our focus lies on strengths such as languages, communication, stress management, and climate protection. The RCG’s own English course in small groups motivates students to improve their English skills and use them confidently. In the seminar Communication and Customer Orientation, they learn to navigate different conversational situations and get their messages across clearly. Stress Practice is a tool for acquiring techniques for dealing with stress situations and keeping a cool head even during the most hectic of times. And the Energy Driving License makes it clear how every individual can contribute to climate protection both professionally and in their private sphere.

Has this made you sit up and think?

Then we look forward to welcoming you into #TeamRCG! We will be pleased to answer your questions and accept your application via this link until 28 February 2022!