More than convinced by the railway

27. 05. 2020

Steel products require consistently high quality and reliability - without compromise. And that at all levels. Whether in the mining of raw materials for the manufacture of high-tech products, or in the field of logistics, in the planning of technologically mature logistics solutions. For this reason, Hungary's steel giant has been relying on rail transport safety and thus on the Rail Cargo Group for decades.

ISD Dunaferr Zrt. is Hungary's largest steelworks with 3,500 employees. Every year, the steel giant moves about 4.5 million tons of goods throughout Europe and has relied on the logistics services of the railway since 1951. The steel giant is more than convinced of the railway; when it comes to logistics, the railway is clearly preferred to trucks. This is also the reason why the annual transport volume of 3.3 million tons of coal, coke, iron ore, pellets, slabs as well as coils and steel plates of the steel specialist are handled by the environmentally friendly railway. For the Hungarian company, responsible interaction with society and the environment is after all a cornerstone of its central corporate orientation and therefore a top priority.

What Kristóf Kopp, Director of Logistics, ISD Dunaferr Zrt. and CEO, ISD Portolan Kft. once wanted to tell us:

  • What do you particularly appreciate about RCG?

Above all, we appreciate the competent and reliable colleagues we have known for many years. Since our transport volume is not always constant, and we are confronted with volatile transport volumes, we are particularly pleased with how flexibly our needs are met.

  • What does sustainability mean for you?

With regard to the environment, sustainability for us means protecting our nature and the climate - we owe it to our children and grandchildren. But sustainability also means for us the reliable and punctual delivery of our products. That's why the railway is a reliable partner for us in the field of logistics, ensuring our production process with a seamless supply of raw materials.

  • Do you personally use the railway as a means of transport to get from A to B?

Yes, for me personally rail travel is a very relaxed and comfortable way of travelling. Even on business trips, I really enjoy being able to work on the train.