Our contribution to World Environment Day

03. 06. 2020

Every single load of freight on the rails helps the climate and makes an important contribution to protecting the environment. We use the EcoTranIT tool to work out how much our transport services contribute to protecting the environment.

We use the EcoTransIT World tool to calculate the amount of energy and emissions produced by every single one of our transport consignments so that our customers can see how many tonnes of CO2 they save every time whenever they choose to transport their goods by rail.

The scientifically based methodology behind it works out the carbon footprint of the relevant supply chain. The figures are impressive: with our rail freight transportation services, we and our partners save a joint total of around 1.4 million tonnes of CO2 in Europe every year.

Because every tonne counts

The EcoTransIT World software determines the energy requirements and emissions produced by every item of freight based on the cargo, the energy carrier, the journey’s length, freight allocation, upstream and downstream processes, load factors and the proportion of empty wagons in service.

The basis for calculating these emissions is provided by a database containing emission factors of different modes of transport, country-specific energy mixes and vehicle consumption curves in combination with the relevant transport parameters.

The more customer-specific information about the transportation available, the more detailed the results. And every piece of cargo that we can shift to the rails is helping the environment breathe again.

This is what we are doing – not only on 5.6. the World Environment Day – to make a real contribution to an environmentally friendly future!