Hödlmayr – Sustainable vehicle logistics

23. 08. 2022

Anyone looking to transport vehicles is in the best hands with Hödlmayr. Hödlmayr Rail Logistics GmbH is a subsidiary of Hödlmayr International AG and transports around 250,000 vehicles by rail every year. It also makes a key contribution to achieving the sustainability goals of the entire Hödlmayer Group.

We asked the managing director from Hödlmayr Rail Logistics GmbH, Liudmyla Tarasenko, to come and talk to us and tell us why Hödlmayr values RCG and why rail will continue to be their preferred mode of transport in the future.

Liudmyla Tarasenko

What kind of work does your company do?

As a globally operating family company specialising in vehicle logistics, the company has expertise at every step of the supply chain, from the acquisition of the vehicles ex works or from ports of entry, through to delivery to the vehicle dealer, fleet owner or private customer. Furthermore, the Hödlmayer Group offers its automotive customers various special services such as vehicle remarketing and vehicle conversions. Hödlmayr International AG and its subsidiaries in 16 countries employ nearly 1600 people. In total, the group owns over 580 special vehicle transporters, more then 20 block train concepts and 1.3 million m2 of storage space for 55,000 vehicles. They supply around 1.7 million vehicles every year. As a whole, the group recorded 250 million euros of turnover in 2021.

What products do you transport by rail?

At Hödlmayr, we transport finished vehicles from a wide range of manufacturers. We use our fleet of car transporters, primarily double-decker wagons, to do so. These transport services are delivered as block train services.

How long have you been a customer of RCG?

RCG and Hödlmayr have been working together on block train transports and last mile transports in Schwertberg for many years. We also work together on other projects from time to time. For example, we recently completed a joint transport operation from Schwertberg to Barcelona.

What do you appreciate about working with RCG?

At RCG, nothing is impossible. Someone comes up with an idea and we then develop a joint project and, subsequently, a joint transport system.

What was the best experience you have had with RCG?

We recently received an urgent request from a long-standing customer heading for Spain. In a matter of days, we developed a concept on how to integrate this cross-border transport into our existing concept. The RCG consistently puts in this level of effort, and we appreciate them for it.

What made you decide to use rail transport?

Rail is a key component of our multi-modal logistics concepts. Rail transport has been a core part of our portfolio for more than 10 years. We are aiming to further increase the amount of rail transport we use in the coming years.

"For Hödlmayer, a continued shift towards using rail transport for our vehicle transport is central to achieving the goals in our sustainability strategy, some of which are even more ambitious than those set out by the EU," says Liudmyla Tarasenko, Managing Director of Hödlmayr Rail Logistics GmbH.

What does sustainability mean to you?

As an international group, we have always had a significant economic, ecological and social responsibility. That is why we see it as our duty to actively address the challenges we face when it comes to sustainability. We are committed to the goals of the European Green Deal and consistently implement an effective sustainability strategy. In our role as a pioneer, we are even striving to surpass them. We also actively take into account the expectations of our stakeholders. These include customers, employees, owners, banks, insurance companies, suppliers, public authorities and neighbours.

Our main goals:

  • Reduce CO2 pollution by at least 55% compared to 1990 levels by 2030 at the latest.
  • CO2-neutral by 2040 at the latest
  • CO2-free by 2050 at the latest
  • CO2-free compounds by 2030 at the latest

In order to achieve these goals, we rely on the three fundamental pillars for CO2 reduction: avoid – reduce – offset. Using this as a basis, we established concrete measures which we are already consistently implementing today.

Beyond this, we regularly calculate our carbon footprint in accordance with the GHG Protocol (Greenhouse Gas Protocol) and issue a Group-wide sustainability report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

What does rail travel mean to you?

From a professional point of view, rail travel is about making a significant contribution to sustainability and getting the transported vehicles to their destinations securely, quickly and without damage. In my private life, I also appreciate having the opportunity to use the travel time productively.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Thank you for the excellent cooperation so far. We look forward to expanding this even further in the future.