The future in your Schoolbag

06. 09. 2022

Our contribution to the school charity campaign for Romanian and Ukrainian children.

A solid education is the key to health and well-being. What is normal for us is not a given in many countries. Often, the necessary infrastructure is missing, but also the necessary school equipment for students. Here we provide our contribution- with the thing we do best: excellent logistics.

As partners of the charity project ‘Future in your Schoolbag’ we support Romanian and Ukrainian children by providing them with schoolbags. This project was organised by the Stepic CEE Raiffeisen Bank Charity initiative, that provides humanitarian help in the CEE region. In the previous year, the bags went to Kosovo, this year’s went to Bucharest. There, students, both Romanian and Ukrainian refugees, will benefit from the bags.

In the last few months, used school bags from primary and further education establishments were collected in Raiffeisen banks, and new ones were bought with donations. This year, 477 school bags were collected altogether.

The RCG ensured that the bags are safe and reach their destination quickly.

But take a look yourself! #Thisisrailcore