Fruit juice on rails – Rauch relies on rail freight transport

13. 06. 2019

Rauch was founded in 1919 in Rankweil, Vorarlberg, as a contract moster for local farmers. Today, the company is Austria's largest private food producer and an enthusiastic RCG customer.

Rauch combines experience from an entire century with openness to trends and provides variety - true to the company philosophy "We honour the old and welcome the new".

This is why Rauch relies on the railways to transport its products. Rauch currently sells its products in more than 100 countries and would like to expand on this.

The production sites in Nüziders and Rankweil each have their own connecting tracks so that door-to-door transport is possible. This is not only very helpful for the logistical processes, but also in terms of environmental protection and efficiency.

Rail freight transport is the most efficient and environmentally friendly option, especially for large volumes.

Dr. Daniel Wüstner, Managing Director of Rauch

Even though many countries are not directly connected by rail, the share of rail freight traffic at Rauch is almost 50 percent. Within Austria in particular, rail transport offers decisive advantages.

But Rauch also uses rail for its transports to Istanbul or Albania - and the journey did not always end there. The juices have now crossed all seven seas with containers and can even be found in Australia, Congo and the Caribbean.