TransANT is getting real - the production has started!

19. 06. 2019

Last September, the freight wagon innovation TransANT, developed jointly by RCG and voestalpine, was presented to the public for the first time. TransANT is a revolutionary platform concept that creates a new standard in the freight transport market.

The modular lightweight construction of TransANT offers a loading advantage of up to four tons, which is also realized by the 20 percent lighter undercarriage.

The platform is available in different lengths between 33 and 70 feet and the modular superstructures are available in various industry-specific versions.

Start of the production

Now the production of the first TransANTs has begun. This year the first wagons will be in use for ore transports by Logserv for voestalpine.

Various superstructures on the standardized wagon underframe enable customer-oriented adaptations to various logistical requirements.

Optimized for ore transports

These first 60 TransANTs will be optimized for voestalpine's ore transports, in other words: the highest possible payload on wagons optimized in length for the sidings.

In autumn, it is time: TransANT will be on rail and will set another statement with energy efficiency for environmental protection and sustainability.