Kärntnermilch in time on track

25. 07. 2018

The Rail Cargo Group is on the move 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on behalf of its customers. We transport approximately 83 million tonnes of goods in and through Austria every year. To ensure that the entire logistics chain runs smoothly, the ordered wagons must be where they are needed on time, all the time.

Logistics expertise, precise planning and a close partner network are the requirements for punctual deliveries. This generally applies to all industries – from steel and automotive to hazardous material or goods of the timber industry. The transportation of sensitive chilled goods and perishable foodstuffs is especially time-critical. These cannot be subject to delays, as our customer Kärntnermilch knows all too well.

Precision scheduling

Various milk products are sorted by the pallet in Spittal an der Drau every second in the fully automated, high-bay warehouse and prepared for dispatch. The products on the white pallets – such as fresh milk, yoghurt or butter – and yellow pallets, which contain various types of cheese, are then added to the logistics chain. Precise organisation and perfectly coordinated processes are now required. We met dispatcher Martin Pignet, who considers punctuality to be the cornerstone of logistics, at the headquarters of the dairy business Kärntnermilch.