Part 3: The way to becoming an expert

05. 09. 2018

Our future train drivers have already completed two thirds of the theoretical training. The finish for qualifying as a driver is near.

Our seven future train drivers have become true railway experts in the last few weeks. They completed one theoretical module after the other with brilliance. The last examination prior to the summer break was about basic knowledge of the functioning of the railway system and took place in July. It entailed the subjects of communication between the locomotive driver, train crew and interlocking, signal-guided driving, emergency response and the wheel-rail system. The seven Italians also excelled here in their usual manner and are thus entitled to drive throughout the EU after passing further tests. “I was astounded at the results of the guys. There was practically no difference to the German participants, who did not have the additional burden of the foreign language,” says lecturer Volker Strobach from the Eiba (Railway Education Academy). After that, there was a summer break for two weeks. “I’m incredibly proud of the boys and surprised at the same time. I don’t know if I would have managed a course for locomotive drivers in Italy so confidentely”, RCG chief instructor Martin Ransbach states expressing his amazement.

With speed to the finish line

At the beginning of August, the training course continued at an intense pace. The young colleagues learned the basics of diesel and electric traction. During a factory tour in Bremen, the instructors demonstrated diesel engines and demonstrated processes using a model railway. Another important subject was the digital train radio system GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communications – Railway), on which they also received extensive training. The next practical training part is in autumn. The upcoming locomotive drivers will spend six weeks on RCG shunting locomotives and trains. The theoretical part will be completed in November. After completion of the final practical parts, our young colleagues will be fully trained locomotive drivers and will be able to start their jobs. They are happy and grateful for the good training they receive at the RCG and are already looking forward to operating their first locomotive at their own responsibility.