27. 04. 2022

With the MOBILER, the train comes directly to the customer – regardless of whether there is a siding or not. Our technically mature MOBILER system enables simple and fast container handling between truck and rail, thus combining the advantages of rail and road freight transport. Behind this system is a special wagon technology.

RCG’s MOBILER system is as simple as it is ingenious: thanks to the special container sliding system, MOBILER containers can be handled quickly and easily between trucks and railway wagons almost anywhere – by a single person, without any outside help and without complex terminal equipment. One station with loading track and loading road is sufficient.

The technology works thanks to the interaction between the MOBILER container, the MOBILER truck and the Sggmrrss-y wagon. This means that even companies that do not have their own rail connection can benefit from the cost, traffic and environmental advantages of combined transport by rail.

S = bogie flat wagon

gg = for the carriage of containers with a total cargo length exceeding 60 ft.

m = loading length with two elements, at least 27m

rr = carriage unit

ss = executable up to 120km/h

-y = equipped with MOBILER metal sheets

Container handling from truck to train

The various types of MOBILER containers

MOBILER Halftainer 30 ft.

With a payload of 28,900 kg, the 30ft. MOBILER Halftainer can efficiently transport various bulk materials such as waste glass, slag or industrial salt.

MOBILER Multitainer 30 ft.

With a payload of 31,500 kg, the 30ft. MOBILER Multitainer acts as a combination container for pallet goods and bulk goods.

MOBILER Schüttgutbox (bulk box)

The MOBILER bulk box offers a payload of 28,200 kg and is particularly suitable for transporting water glass, grain, wood chips and scrap.

MOBILER-BIO Getreidebehälter (grain container)

With the MOBILER, transports are handled both environmentally consciously and effectively.