The Container Wagon: the All-Rounder

02. 08. 2023

It’s impossible to imagine combined transport and thus our vehicle fleet without it: Today we present to you the container wagon.

As low as the container wagon is, it does great things: Only the open wagon transports more goods annually than it does. The container wagons are used in intermodal transport and transport configurations that can be easily loaded from the rail onto trucks and ships. Since they have to carry maritime containers as well as tank containers and swap bodies, they have specific designs and features to accommodate the various transport units. The goods that can be transported with the container wagon are as wide-ranging as the bodies – from wood chips to ore to construction materials.

Equipped for any demand

Our vehicle fleet includes various types of container wagons: They are mainly on the tracks with 40-foot and 20-foot containers. This means we are equipped for all kinds of requirements that customers place on us.

Want to know more about our freight wagons?

You can find an overview of our entire fleet here.