The stake wagon

09. 10. 2018

As the largest wood transporter in Central Europe, we carry around 200,000 loaded timber wagons a year and transport around 7 million cubic metres of logs – our stake wagons are the perfect means of transport.

Stake wagons are flat wagons with long, steel stakes that are inserted all around on the sides of the wagon pointing upwards. They prevent the load from falling off. The RCG has several types of such wagons, with either 16 or 20 stakes. One wagon carries numerous tree trunks, which are used as raw material for the timber industry.

The TransANT with stakes

TransANT mit Rungen

The flat wagons

The stake wagon belongs to the family of flat wagons. In standard design these are marked with the generic letters “K”, “O” and “R”, in special design with the generic letters “L” and “S”. They are suitable for the transport of various goods, such as vehicles, containers, machines, large pipes, coils, panels or rails.

The „Laads“ type freight wagon is a wagon unit consisting of two 2-axle freight wagons. It is suitable for the transport of vehicles, machines and similar goods.


The freight wagon type „Kils“ has a wooden floor and a movable cover. It can be used to transport moisture-sensitive goods as well as metal and iron and also machines.

The optimal loading weight of the stable „Ros“ freight wagon is 55.5 tons. With 16 fixed side stanchions, this wagon is ideal for transporting round timber.

The „Kbs“ type freight wagon is a two-axle flat wagon of standard construction. The Kbs is ideally suited for transporting wood, steel and machinery.

The „Ks“ type freight wagon is ideally suited for the transport of metal goods, hardware, machines, vehicles thanks to its stable structure.

The unloading of massive trunks from cut trees requires heavy equipment. In this video you can see how our stake wagons are unloaded from the heavy goods:

You can find all details about the stake wagon on the Rail Cargo Wagon Website.