The Shimmns

16. 10. 2018

Our Shimmns type freight wagon has a sliding tarpaulin or steel cover and is mainly used for transporting steel wire coils. A material that is essential for the automotive industry, for example.


The Shimmns is a bogie flat wagon of special design with a sliding roof and five loading troughs. It is particularly suitable for transporting weather-sensitive and heavy loads. Like the Slmmpss and Slps wagons, the Shimmns is one of RCG’s special wagons.


The special type Slmmpss-x wagons have a load capacity of 30 tonnes and are used to transport ACTS containers – the ACTS roll-off container transport system combines the standard road transport of roll-off containers with rail transport. The system enables fast transhipment of roll-off containers between truck and rail and does not require stationary loading equipment such as forklifts or cranes.


This Slps-x type freight wagon with a load capacity of 16.5 tonnes is intended for the transport of an ACTS container.

After the Shimmns has delivered dozens of coils to their destination, they are used, in the automotive industry to produce, for example, vehicle parts:

All details of our wagons you can find on the website of Rail Cargo Wagon