3 Questions for Martin, Product Owner

05. 04. 2022

Martin loves new challenges and the variety in his job. That's good, because his job might hold a new adventure for him every day.

Martin Bauer - together with his team, he designs and develops functionalities and modules for MIKE - the RCG's digital assistant.

What is special about your job/profession?

I work in the Digitalisation department of the Rail Cargo Group and, since 2019, in our digitalisation programme "Cargo1492", which is taking rail logistics into a new digital world.

In my role as Product Owner, I mainly deal with the modules and functionalities of MIKE - the digital assistant of RCG - for our customers.

The modules I have designed and developed together with my team, the department and our customers are "MIKE Ordering" and "MIKE Capacity Planning".

Particularly interesting about my job is that no day is the same and you can never be a 100% sure what "adventures" will await you 😊.

For me, being able to act autonomously and making decisions on my own responsibility are important components of a positive work environment, which is a freedom the job at "Cargo 1492" certainly offers. Another exciting aspect is that I constantly meet new people from different organisations and positions and get to work on new ideas to digitally improve processes together. It's nice to never get the feeling of standing still, but to constantly develop and discover new solutions, methods and approaches.

I like the combination of conception / analysis / team leadership of a development team or stakeholder management. I especially love receiving honest feedback on the development projects of my team via the ongoing exchange with our internal and external users as well as to watch the development of a functioning digital module from a small idea.

What does your working day look like?

A large part of my day consists of meetings and spontaneous coordination. These meetings are mainly about the conception of new ideas or functionalities, the specification of requirements, the exchange with the development team or our stakeholders and the planning of upcoming development periods.

Since I have an international team of developers, most of our coordination takes place online, via TEAMs. However, it is still nice to see colleagues in person at the company headquarters or to travel directly to a customer location to work on the various topics with our customers on site.

In my day-to-day work, it's important to be quick on the uptake, to be able to assess and set priorities for tasks, but also to take time for the concerns and problems of the people behind them.

Can you tell us more about your role and your tasks in the MIKE project?

In my role as "Product Owner", I am the link between our internal and external users and my development team. I follow ideas and requirements from the analysis of the problem, to the conception of possible solutions and the prototyping of initial ideas, all the way to the specific development and introduction to our users. 

Within the project "Cargo1492", the central platform "MIKE" is the main focus. This platform is designed to form a transparent and consistent information hub between the logistics partners in the ongoing handling of logistics processes. The "MIKE Ordering" and "MIKE Capacity Planning" modules developed by our team primarily support our end customers within the platform and make collaboration with the Rail Cargo Group easier, more transparent and faster. The main functionalities are for instance the simple and fast management of empty wagon orders including a good overview of the status, the recording of transport bookings and the intuitive submission of waybills for loaded consignments.