#RCG Encouragement

25. 06. 2020

Climate change, COVID-19, the economic slump … our world is changing at breakneck speed. Rail freight transport is the solution to many of the challenges we are facing right now. 

We are committed to overcoming these challenges together and are sending our message on containers across our entire TransNET. Rail freight transport is the stable and logistical backbone of the economy – the network that is keeping our system going.

Our Encouragement Ambassadors

# Together - Rail freight aspires to be the sustainable logistical backbone of the economy for a Europe worth living in. We can achieve this – together!

# Solidarity - Logistics is about looking after people – it should be easy to use and customer-friendly. In the future, this will require intense cooperation and transparency between the most diverse players at European level. We’re sticking together.  

# Backbone - A highly efficient and stable trans-European rail freight system is what we need if we are going to fulfil the environmental mandate and take care of Europe’s supplies sustainably. This is how we will shift significant volumes to rail in the future.  

# Confidence - We have confidence in the strength of our highly professional and multinational team, which has recently proven once again that RCG is a powerful and reliable stronghold even in most unexpected and exceptional circumstances. Let’s move confidently into the future.

Our message all over Europe

This is our commitment. We transport your goods on our network all over Europe and tell you exactly where they are at any given time.

We’re sticking together – because the future is rail!