Our up-and-coming train drivers

30. 06. 2020

The Rail Cargo Group’s extensive service portfolio and exceptional fleet of traction vehicles make for a colourful spectrum of services that our staff provide. Our train drivers have a very special part to play. They are the ones who bring our customers’ goods from A to B safely and on time. And we’ve got 28 new up-and-coming engine drivers on board.

It all kicked off in January 2019

Our young Rail Cargo Group trainees in Hungary began a tough training programme lasting several months to become qualified engine drivers. Recently, they all passed their final exam with flying colours. They are ready to take our customers’ goods on the tracks.

Digital training

First, they need to get to grips with all the routes lines. The digital era makes to it possible do this in virtual classes, to a certain extent. What’s more, our junior staff can get to know all the different railway lines, including their special features and challenges so that they will be well equipped for work to get underway.

10,000 HP in their hands

Their dry run is due to be completed at the end of the summer. That’s when rail freight life will really take off for the 28 young train drivers. They will be behind the wheel of a 1000 horsepower locomotive and in charge of heavyweight freight transport.  

And the next group of junior train drivers are already at their marks. The training programme they began last autumn has almost come to an end. They are already well on track and swotting for their upcoming infrastructure exam. If all goes well, we will be welcoming them to as part of our team of RCG locomotive drivers.  

You’d also like to be part of the Rail Cargo Group?

Reliability and punctuality are your strengths? A passion for uncompromising quality is what motivates you? You are interested in this exciting and important job and want to be the one driving rail freight transport forward?

Then we look forward to hearing from you and you sending us your application to become a freight train driver.