RCG Europe Weeks – Embracing International Experiences

08. 11. 2023

In September and October, our apprentices had the opportunity to get a taste of the international rail industry during the RCG Europe Weeks and toured across Europe. Read about the impressions and experiences they brought back here.

Every year, our young talents have the chance to embark on a multi-week internship at Rail Cargo Group (RCG) subsidiaries in Europe. This year, ten young railway professionals set out to learn more about freight transport in Croatia, locomotive driving in Germany, the port in Trieste, colleagues in Slovenia, and the Rail Cargo Terminal - BILK (RCT-BILK) in Hungary.

From Porto di Trieste to RCT-BILK

Croatia was all about the world of traditional railway professionals. Marlene and Angelina visited the team in Zagreb, learned everything there is to know about freight train transportation and rail infrastructure, and also improved their English skills on the side.

In Germany, Anna-Maria and Yasemin had the opportunity to ride in the driver's cab of a locomotive. During their free time, they explored Cologne, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam – all in an environmentally friendly way, of course, by train.

Italy couldn't be left out of the programme, especially when Trieste is home to the second-largest port in the upper Adriatic Sea. Leonie and Roman explored this place with its unique atmosphere, where the concept of freight logistics becomes truly impressive. They also made stops in Milan and Venice.

Hungary brought excitement for Viktoria and Kristina as they witnessed container loading at RCT-BILK and even got to operate a reach stacker themselves.

Alexandra and Julia, who are completing their training at our location in Carinthia, travelled to neighbouring Slovenia, where they gained valuable expertise and made important connections. Their work will continue to be connected with the Slovenian team in Koper and Ljubljana, with whom they are already sharing experiences.

Explore Opportunities

RCG and colleagues at European subsidiaries believe it's important to provide our young talents with the opportunity to gain international experience early in their education. This fosters an understanding of the international dimension of the profession of freight forwarder and allows them to experience first-hand how diverse this career is and how many opportunities it offers.

We are currently looking for young talents who wish to pursue a practical and diverse career with meaning in a future-oriented industry. Join us – we're looking for you!