We transport opportunities

02. 11. 2023

1,000 school bags for children in Romania and Kosovo as part of the charity school campaign “Future in your Schoolbag” by the “Stepic CEE Charity” association.

Our freight trains transport all kinds of goods, and sometimes, like this time, a little extra opportunity for children in parts of the world that often lack the prerequisites for a solid education.

This year, a new record was achieved. Approximately 477 school bags were collected in Vienna and filled by volunteers in Romania. The school bags went to children in Bucharest and rural regions of Romania. Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo donated a total of 530 school bags, which went to children in Peja. In total, 1,007 school bags were collected, each of which can make a significant difference in a child's life.

Investing in the future

It is especially investments in education that have multiple positive effects in the future. This includes better income opportunities, equal participation in social life, and one's own health. The underlying principle of all actions by “Stepic CEE Charity” is “helping people to help themselves”. This way aid can make a sustainable impact. We are also making our contribution to a better future and are participating once again in the charity campaign, which is being implemented for the tenth time this year.

Thanks to top logistics, help arrives swiftly on-site

“Stepic CEE Charity” has been active in CEE since 2006 and collaborates with local partner organizations to bring aid quickly and unbureaucratic exactly where it is most urgently needed. Rail Cargo Group handled the transportation quickly and securely, ensuring top-notch logistics once again.