The RCG as an expert in waste disposal

18. 03. 2019

Did you know that RCG also offers logistics solutions for waste management? Today being Global Recycling Day, let us take the opportunity to have a look at the wide range of services our professional waste disposal specialists offer.

Rail Cargo Logistics - Environmental Services (RCL-ES) transports around one million tonnes of rubbish and secondary raw materials annually. This makes RCG an indispensable service provider on large-scale construction sites, a partner in innovative projects and a specialist for all waste management services.

Making energy from trash

In the sensitive area of waste management, special transportation and disposal conditions are required. Therefore, suitable containers and means of transport are provided depending on the type of waste. RCG handles rail transport from rubbish collection to waste treatment plants daily and organises transfers from road to rail and vice versa.

Müllbunker der Verbrennungsanlage / Waste bunker of the incineration plant

The waste disposal professional works together with partners such as electricity, gas and heat suppliers, to ensure that waste is recycled in a legally compliant, ecological and economical manner. Residual and bulky waste is recycled in thermal waste utilisation plants – in this way energy is obtained from waste. RCG takes over the delivery of the waste by environmentally friendly rail – this also ensures ecologically beneficial transport. Over the last 15 years, around 195,000 wagon loads, the majority of Lower Austria’s household waste, have been transported to waste incineration plants in Lower Austria.

Disposal logistics for large-scale construction sites

As a provider of complete logistics solutions for construction sites, RCG assumes the delivery of building supplies and materials, the removal of waste and excavated material and on-site logistics. Numerous construction sites currently use RCG’s services.  At the Semmering Base Tunnel project, for example, the specialists have been transporting around 1,550,000 tonnes of tunnel excavated material since November 2015.

Oil separator service

RCG is also specialises in the cleaning, emptying and maintenance of oil separator systems. An oil separator is a waste water treatment plant in the form of one or more tanks in which any waste water contaminated with mineral oil is pre-treated in order to prevent harmful substances from entering drinking water or groundwater. In simple terms, the oil is collected in a basin and since it floats on the water surface as a light liquid, it can be extracted and disposed of if necessary. Two mobile oil separator teams regularly maintain ÖBB Group’s roughly 450 oil separators.

In addition, the professionals from RCL-ES manage the treatment of soil contaminated by pollutants, clean-up activities, such as the removal and disposal of contaminated waste, and the recycling of secondary raw materials such as scrap metal.

RCG handles waste disposal on eco-friendly railways in an efficient, professional and timely manner and offers legal compliance regarding waste management with years of know-how and comprehensive experience.