Safe with ROLA

27. 01. 2020

When trucks are travelling piggybacked on the Rolling Road (ROLA), keeping the roads clear and thus protecting the environment, some safety regulations need to be taken into consideration. We are going to show you what these are in a short video in which we have summarised the individual procedures and steps in a straightforward way. So that everything runs smoothly - for our customers and for us.

This is how simple – and how safe – a ROLA journey can be!

Every ROLA trip starts with the truck being weighed and measured at the ROLA terminal. Truck tarpaulins must be closed and tied down and all mounted attachments must be secured. Care must be taken with the load – it must be distributed evenly on the loading area and appropriately secured. The low-floor wagon is driven on at walking pace and at an appropriate distance from the next truck. The drivers take any valuables with them into the escort vehicle. The driver's cabins are closed and the wheel chocks are fitted. During the ROLA journey, the drivers have a rest and enjoy small snacks and soft drinks in the escort vehicle.

Once they arrive at the destination terminal, it’s time for the drivers to get back to work. The truck wedges have to be released, the truck is jacked up, drives down the loading ramp from the low-floor wagon and continues on its way to its final destination by road.