Liquid transports: flexitanks or tank containers?

22. 09. 2021

How do liquids get from A to B safely? Usually, massive tank containers are used for this purpose. We know from experience that sometimes a more flexible solution is needed for transporting liquid goods: Flexitanks are part of our SmartLINK digital service catalog and save time, money and energy.

Moving liquid is a challenge in itself. Especially when it comes to large quantities that require special transport conditions in terms of safety or temperature, for example.





Flexitanks or tank containers?

If the liquid goods have to be transported in flexible containers rather than in classic tank containers, flexitanks are used: these are durable, bag-type containers made of rubber or polypropylene fabric that are suitable for transporting chemical liquids and liquid foodstuffs in quantities of up to 36,000 liters.

Only when products are subject to hazardous materials regulations, rigid tank containers are a better choice. The supple, double-walled Flexitank containers are real lightweights, and their price is also lower than that of solid tank containers. If the Flexitanks are not needed at the moment, they can be stored folded and thus also save a lot of space.

Safe containers for all goods

Flexitanks are a specially developed type of container used by the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group. They are the alternative to equipment such as pallets, which are suitable for the bundled transport of general cargo, partial or complete loads, or big bags, the container of choice for the transport of bulk goods such as wood pellets, almonds and plastic granulate. Safety is our top priority, while at the same time our customers benefit from flexible and cost-effective solutions that our experts customize to their transport requirements.

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