Dangerous goods

18. 11. 2020

We’re always up for a challenge. That’s why we also take on fragile goods like toxic, explosive or flammable substances. Our customers benefit from the expertise we offer: so we provide dangerous goods consultation as part of the range of Add-Ons we have in SmartLINK, our digital service portfolio.

The RCG is one of the largest and the safest companies that transport dangerous goods. Whether it’s gas, petrol or pesticides: with all the right knowledge, equipment and the highest safety standards, we transport the most fragile of goods safely from A to B. Compliance with the RID (Regulations concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail) is our top priority, which is why we exercise extreme caution for the entire duration of carriage.

Every year, we make sure up to 290,000 shipments of dangerous goods weighing a total of 12m tonnes are delivered safe and sound.

There’s no liquid too caustic, no gas too toxic

Some products and substances are hazardous to human life and the natural world. Accidents could cause explosions or fire, or pollute the environment. The more dangerous the cargo, the stricter the transport regulations. Our dangerous goods safety advisors have gone through special training that qualifies them to handle these types of goods, and they are well acquainted with dangerous goods legislation. We are happy to advise our customers and help them fulfil their duty as forwarders and fillers for dangerous goods.  

Confidence is good, checks are better

Our sophisticated safety management system makes sure that everything goes smoothly when it comes to transporting dangerous goods. Shipments undergo rigorous inspections using a checklist compiled in accordance with the Standard IRS 40471 (International Railway Solution). 

Every year, we inspect around 3,000 freight wagons containing dangerous goods.

Our team of dangerous goods experts also undergoes regular preventive training exercises and training courses with the emergency services. In the event of an incident occurring, we have a team of dangerous goods experts on call who are always ready to provide assistance with their many years of experience, whether by phone or directly on site.

You can find out more about our consultation service for dangerous goods and get in touch with us at smartlink.railcargo.com!