How we are making the RCG greener: Commuting on public transport

07. 10. 2020

For our staff, sustainable mobility begins with their daily commute. Most of our staff use public transport to get to work. In our “Green RCG series”, we’re going to show you how staff at the Rail Cargo Group are helping protect the climate.

A high percentage of global CO2 emissions are caused by car and plane journeys. On average, three times as many people commute to work by car than on public transport (not taking Corona into account).* Travelling to and from work accounts for 39% of all trips made in Austria.* This makes the journey to and from work one of the main reasons for commuting.  However, everyone who decides against going to work by car and goes by train or on their bike instead can can really save on CO2 emissions.

37% of car journeys that take place during the week are under 5km; around 20% of these are even under 2.5km (see Figure 1). Completing the same journeys by bike would only take 2-4 minutes longer (see Figure 2).

The fact that our business premises are in easy access of public transport really stands us in good stead. Around 90% of our staff are less than 600 metres from the nearest stop (train, bus, etc …) and they usually only have to walk less than 10 minutes to get to work. Around 8% out of the remaining 10% of our staff are 6km away from the nearest stop. This stretch can be easily covered by bike, which is not only sustainable; it’s also a healthy form of mobility.

The fact that our staff don’t have to go far from where they work to reach a stop or station makes commuting by public transport easy. This is how our staff are helping protect the environment in a big way and are avoiding a huge amount of CO2 emissions. On top of that, your quality of life also improves because you avoid stressful situations like traffic jams, trying to find somewhere to park your car, accidents etc. and you also save money (fuel, maintenance, repair work …).

Let’s protect the climate and promote sustainable mobility together!

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