Welcome to SmartLINK

01. 10. 2020

Our world is changing rapidly. All processes in society, business and industry are becoming faster, more efficient and more sustainable.

Our goal is not only to keep up with these changes, but also to play a key role in shaping the transformation of the industry. As one of the leading rail logistics companies in Europe, we have made it our business to be the first to recognize new developments and trends and to implement them in the interests of our customers and partners. These developments would be inconceivable today were it not for digitalisation. Digital technologies help save time and resources, which has a huge impact on logistics. Yet, this also requires investments in innovations that make rail freight transport even simpler and more transparent. As the sustainable logistical backbone of the economy, we are aware of our social responsibility not only to keep the flow of goods moving, but also to make goods flow even more easily through digitization and innovation. This is our responsibility

Now the time has come:

Now the time has come: we have brought our services into the digital world and welcome you to SmartLINK, the digital access to the railways – easy, digital and always at your side!